Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finally an Update

Hey Everyone,
I have not had internet access for a while and have been busy moving into my new condo. Here's the latest progress:

- I can drive :-)
- I continue to get stronger everyday
- I am continuing with Physical Therapy
- I am stressed out waiting to find out if my incision is going to be infected or heal nicely.
- I no longer limp when I walk. I meld in nicely with the general population.
- I will follow up with my Neurosurgeon on 8/31/10.

That's all for now.

Donna, thank you very much for the card and your concern.


  1. Good news! I am glad you are now walking without a limp and doing those "everyday living" things. Do not stess out over the incision. Going in to take care of an infection will be a picnic compared to what you have gone through with this last surgery.

  2. So glad to hear this update! Had been wondering. Was hoping that your silence was due to you being heads-down working on PT and building your new life.

    I can see why you'd worry about infection since that's what started the whole insanity of multiple cranies. I'd try not to go there -- easy to say.

    Thanks for sharing your news! Oh, and the important update -- the hair?


  3. 'That's all for now' doesn't really sum up your achievements - you need to give yourself a large pat on the back and wallow in your achievements!

    Don't stress too much about the future, you're rarely able to control it.

  4. Jim - thanks - I dont think I could take another surgery. I just want this horrific chapter in my life to finally come to an end.

    Donna - LOL - My beloved hair is growing in nicely. It hasnt hit the mullet stage yet; that will be 4 months from now :-)

    Shaun - I guess I just can't wrap my head around what I have been through. It is all so surreal. I guess it's because I'm still in it. Perhaps at the end of it. God willing; I am.