Monday, August 30, 2010

100% Recovery

Well I am just about 100% and ready to go back to work. I plan to go back to work on 9/23/10 on a part time basis then after a week we'll see how I feel about going back full-time.

I have been living on my own for a month now. My condo is splendid. I feel right at home in my little nook in the world.

My dad bought me a 47 inch Samsung LED flat screen TV!
My younger sister Bizzy bought me an entertainment center!
My older sister Aimee bought me a computer desk!
and my Best Friend Barbara bought me a blu-ray player!

How lucky am I?

I thank God everyday for EVERYTHING. For my amazing recovery, for my condo, for life itself! And most importantly I thank him for my family, my best friend Barbara and her husband Brian and all those who stuck by me. THANK YOU ALL AND THANK YOU GOD SO MUCH. I am amazed by Gods benevolence. My life is really coming together now


  1. This is amazing news, I wish you continued success and good luck with work starting. Your story, is an amazing tribute to fighting hard and not giving up. It was a horrible and painful journey, but now look. Tremendous! YAY

  2. Crikey Maria, you're recovering so fast I envision sparks from your heels and dust left in your path! You made quite the haul on the home furnishing front too. The BT card does have its advantages, eh? Am so impressed with your progress. Hey do you have your dog with you at your new condo?

    Great update!

  3. Stephany, I really hope that this is the closing chapter of my horror story. This would be a great ending wouldn't it? :-)

    Donna, sadly no, my dog is not here with me. Between being ill and my sister being severely allergic to dogs, I had to give her away. But I found a GREAT home for her. So I am very pleased how that turned out.

    Now i'm just waiting to see that my incision is not going to get infected, which chances are it won't get infected. I'm still leary though after what I have gone through. I won't rest until at least October. Then I will feel more at ease about it and I will finally feel comfortable knowing I am free from this meningioma bondage.

  4. Congrats on geting settled in your new place. I wish you sunshine and flowers and all good things.