Saturday, November 7, 2009

Had a Long Run

Well it was nice to experience normalcy while it lasted. I was seizure free for a week plus. Then the seizures started last night (Friday night) at 7 pm till 10 pm. Then again at 2 am and they are still going to this very second (4pm). The seizures consist of the usual numbness on my right side, dizziness and lethargy.

It has been my experience that my incision becomes infected. I am worried about it being infected again. It is NOT SHOWING ANY SIGNS OF BEING INFECTED. But I just have bad memories of thick pus gushing out of my infected incision. Whenever I get seizures I automatically attribute it to problems affecting my brain, like my head is all full of puss from infection therefore making my limbs go numb. I cant help it. Just another part of life that I have to face. I suspect I am paranoid at this point and trust God that everything is just fine.

I intended to go to the gym today to do a light workout. How disappointed I was when I was not able to. I was feeling so great for a week plus. For seizures to surface again is a real let down. I realize that my recovery is going to take some time and not be as fast as I would like it to be.

I ask God for Patience and Faith.