Monday, July 26, 2010

Right Arm Restored

Friday night my right arm decided to come back to action :-) It is still clumsy but I definitely have a lot more range of motion and can actually maneuver it well. I am naturally left handed and tend to be clumsy with my right hand as it is. However, my physical therapist told me that I should eat with my right hand and do as much as I could with my right hand to stimulate the brain/arm connection. I'm thinking that's what did it.

Now I'm just waiting for the ankle to come back to life. BTW, I'm walking without the cane AND the brace. I walk with a bit of a limp but at the rate I am healing I have 100% faith that these things will restore as well. Plus I need to be able to drive! I have no side to side ankle movement. Up and down ankle movement is improving everyday. I can't wiggle my toes either but being so far from the brain these things are the LAST to come to life.


  1. So, so good to hear this update.

    Full speed ahead matey! Well, ok, but don't overdo it though. How about that for a mixed message?

    Excellent news about your progress which I'm sure is based on how hard you're working...force to be reckoned with...

    Take good care Maria.


  2. I am working hard at it. I know, I know, I tend to overdo it; but that's my nature. I do know when to stop but sometimes I don't. So how's that for a happy medium?

    Ha, ha, "force to be reckoned with".....

    Loved your post on MM too :-)

    Thanks for being here Donna.

  3. Hurray for the right arm! I am glad to see you are progressing. Maybe you and your nephew can practice walking together.

  4. Trust me, we already are practicing stumbling around together :-)

    Thanks for the get well card!

  5. Girl you are so GANGSTA!!!!! But we knew that even before your meningioma. {^_^} Keep up the quick recovery! I love you girl!

  6. Thanks Luz Maria Nana Nina! I knew you'd have my back ;-)

  7. You are a very impressive person! continued best wishes for a speedy and full recovery and happy days ahead.