Sunday, November 7, 2010


My best friend Barbara, her husband, her sister-in-law and I had a blast on Halloween's Eve.  We went to a club that night and everyone was dressed up for Halloween.  They had a contest for best Halloween costume.  I thought for sure that Brian's German Bar Maid costume was going to win......that was till I saw Mount!
The Flower Child, the Witch, and the Diva

Here is Barbara's husband the German Bar Maid being dainty and polite, lol!

I was asked if I was Donna Summer, Chaka Kahn and Diana Ross!

My BFF Barbara - the Flower Child

Me as a Disco Diva

My sister Bizzy who is pregnant with her 2nd!

My sister Aimeé and I

Mount Rushmore in the background!  Best costume ever!

Mount Rushmore and I

The German Bar Maid and I


  1. How did I miss commenting on this?!

    So good to see you rising again -- a success story. And, my vote would totally be for the German Bar Maid - most excellent!

  2. Thanks Donna :-) How are you coming along?

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